dye in a rosary


harry and i at the surf lodge

the next day alee and i went paddle boarding!! my first time. i knew i was going to fall off. i knew it. and everyone was like no, no youll be fine.

the tide got the best of me… here i am heading for the trees…

back out

i think that was fall #2

drifting drifting away with the current

it was time for harry to come save thee

help help

alee thinks shes so cool because she grew up in hawaii and can rip at every water sport known to mankind.

my knight and shining armor was no help so i swam back to shore

we went to lunch for some famous lobster sandwiches…



ok so this gluten free ice cream fudge sundae was so freaking good we had 2.

definitely nap time before the drums played



i mean whats better than watching the drums play on the water while the sun sets?

the next day harry and i checked into ruschmeyers which was awesome because then we got  the beach/water vibe at the surf lodge, and ruschmeyers with the cabins and woods vibe.

surprise!!! jessica is staying next door!

jessica and i went to get hooked up with some jack purcells, which have always been a favorite of mine

and more bands

went to the celebration of the fendi baguette bag


kitty loves FENDI

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