free bird did a day in the life……….CLICK HEREof me check it out i think its cute

went to an event i djed at with jessica

drew doing his thang

went to milk studios to shoot my clip with maybelline and “sh*t fashion girls say” (who is the new face of maybelline??? find out!)

cute interview p’trique did with wwd

went to jersey to get out of town with mester and nic

went to go see the big pink play a private show. so nice to hang out with some good ol mates


good night out with the mates

4 jager bombs and a shot of sprite

miller passed out 3 seconds later. no slumber party.

the meal seemed so sad and deserted. poor food. (someone starving could eat that! the new york food problem is insane- we could feed so many people with all the food that’s thrown out for nothing. i know this is more of a california thing, but take food home after eating out. doggy bags. [if there is anything left of course] ) As my mother always said ‘waste not want not’

went to the grand opening of claire distenfeld’s FIVE STORY  -literally most chic boutique in the entire city

en route with nina, paul and alexandra


claire and mester. i loooove this photo. clearly means the opening was a success wooooo!

my sissys

e.b brought mester roses. roses for kate rose mester.

dotty im getting a little georgia o’ keeffe on you

after party was at mr. chow


yes, it was green shrimp.

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