i knew right then that she’d been abducted

went on a little adventure upstate with mum alie and cedrick- but before i begin, i MUST introduce you to my new love. i rescued a cat from a shelter (and i cant stress enough guys, if youre going to adopt a pet go to a shelter!!!) ….. MEET KITTY

so there she is.

trip 1

lake forming into ice

photo by-

there was a little cemetery nearby we went to check out

so i saw these tombstones and they just said ‘cousin’, ‘mother’, ‘father’ i thought it was so strange- is or was that a common thing to do?

we hit up a shooting range- but they were seriously pro hitler. it was the most insane thing- so we ran away

as we were pulling out i saw this tree. i just thought it was so beautiful and wanted to snap it for a memory

we went for a little hike

ski lift was out of order


doe, a deer,

a female deer.

love that animal so much.

break at the local diner

look at this chubby little lamb. so cute. hes like take me home take me home! awww

moma times

and the nylon guys magazine dinner with ewan mcgregor. such a cool dude.

pretty leigh

adventure upstate #2 up next plus fashion weeeeek.

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