i went to the concert and i, fought through the crowd


windy a cold getting to karen and walker


yay chelsea leyland

interviewing fashion peepz

time for the show, interview with karen after

i obviously loved the hair in the show

 well hello there future shoes of mine

uh oh more shoes in my future….

feeling like 70s vibe with some futuristic hints in the collection.

ive been a fan of karen walker for literally years and it was so refreshing picking her brain about the collection and what not. It was unexpected which was great.

like every season i go back and change for alice and olivia presentation

stacey bendet of alice and olivia

looooove these orchid ice cubes!!!

i wish girl on the left wasnt smiling

i want to see more of model on the right next season.

megan draper is that you?

almost finished with nyfw!!!!!

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