im holdin on, can’t fall back

FIRST taking you  behind the scenes of a nylon accessories editorial by dani stahl

completely dead


dani killing it

my vuitton set

i remember the first time i saw these vuittons and was  SO excited. they are amazing and strong and i feel like theres a lot of “woman power” whatever that means to you, in them- they are fierce. i dont know why but i just do. i was just hoping that i was going to be able to shoot in them before they were out of season and my dream came true. i also wanted to shoot in the racer prada pair, which didnt happen but i had fun with them….

guess who??

bad to the bone (these arent my feet just sayin)

djing with andre

e.b and chadwicks birthdayyyyy

some one clearly forgot to bring out the cake inside….

so everyones outside, blew out the candles , and everyones just standing there. so of course im not one afraid to get my hands dirty, got into that cake…. which turned into a full on cake fight

i have no idea how this started

everyone seemed like they were trying to steal the cake for themselves

runaway cake!

went to the jeffery fashion cares event…

ran into jess. YES

cass birds book signing for her book ‘rewilding’ at dashwood!!!!

so proud of you

i cannot believe its MAY already. its crazy.

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