la da da dee da da da

o rly

last but not least the jeremy scott show…………..

the interview pretty much sums up how i feel about the collection


we all know what these are

i found mine

found these babies on the do not touch table next to a plastic corset covered in lisa frank stickers. very 90s. i definitely had a lisa frank pencil case back in the day.

well we all know i would probably wear this everyday.

good to see uncle terry

last season someone stole my longchamp x JS bag. so this season as soon as i sat down i put the bag inside og my purse along with the bart simpson t shirt. well that did work because someone took them out of my bag while doing an interview. so i guess the next time i go to a jeremy scott show, i will have to handcuff the thing to my arm.

my birthday dinner at miss lilys

yay happy birthday sis.

the opening of ‘scene’ magazine

dani stahl looking GORGEOUS

he was trying to be all serious folding his clothes- until a sock flew directly on his head

cracked a smile

the virgins played for the first time in i have to idea how long, downstairs at le baron

they went to support Endometriosis Foundation Of America’s 4th Annual Blossom Ball held at the NY Public Library

mr. drew hunter himself

thanks to adreanna  from caravan studios of the fashion district for making me pretty

that red carpet was very long and instense. while of course i thought i lost my phone frantically looking through everything, i mean , everything. it also didnt help that i was still blinded from the carpet. of course it was in the coat i had just checked meanwhile debbie harry is also in the other corner just chillen. corners are cool you guys.

i tried to capture how beautiful the whole room was but it was difficult. the first thing i said was this smells amazing!!!!!!!!! i wondered could that really be form the flower arrangements? i love love love flowers, so this really interested me. they then said later that they had the florist come up with a special combination of flowers, herbs, all that good stuff…. and had people walking/circling all throughout the room for 3 hours. i definitely say i REALLY appreciated that.

tyra banks made a speech, somehow ended up talking about frozen indian food in her freezer.

then to sons of essex for a birthday party…. and then to ANOTHER… comin up next

feature in blonde magazine

and cory’s corner! DIY with ‘made her think’

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