our hotel was so cute full on portland effect….

sarah and i went out on the town with my friend marissa. portland in FULL EFFECT.

yes this was half velvet.

huge nick nolte fan.

made a friend

after some intense strip clubs, we went to a crazy basement raver house party

mj playing over and over on an old tv

jazz hands

ended up in a cemetery

seattle to portland we came across the craziest coffee shop i had ever seen. at first i thought it was a car wash because the girl was holding a sign in a bikini in gloomy weather, but why in such a random place on the way to merge into highway? I was not going to leave before some investigation.

Turns out, yes it was a car wash, a bikini carwash SLASH coffee shop. no words. All employees in bikinis.

also may i have a shot of wedgie with my latte

the actual lady, Portlandia

en route sf

ahh yes the filmore and we meet again….

so jason was talking about his hands and hows hes double jointed, well im in that club too. i also have quite large hands at that.


cute fans

random- so i left my nike free shoe in the cab to the venue. little did i know this way the beginning of me leaving one shoe in cabs… after this fashion week i hope the curse is over!!

z baby

met another new friend

i took the fan gifts

and look at this little lost guy at the airport on the way to the last show of the tour, LA!!

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