see me in the hood the gangsters saying wassup

trip #2 upstate….. and the beginning of new york fashion week fall 2012……. COME LOOK!!!

woke up in a motel 6 and i was time to adventure out once more

saw these birds on a telephone line and thought it was pretty beautiful

then went to look at the water

went down to skip rocks, i finally learned how to do it.

skip that rock son

dropped into this antique store. it was actually really great. the whole house was filled with antiques in the kitchen, in the bathroom, etc. the owners also lived in the same house. i could never do that. live in my workplace. they definitely are dedicated. 

we headed back to the best western to hit the hay and return in the morning.

got some food at this extreme ma and pa diner

we really loved our water cups

ok and lets begin fashion week!!

started the week off with first show- nicholas k.

ok so throughout the shows i saw i definitely caught on to this sahara dessert inspiration, lots of new looking hoods and shawls for headwear. also wacky hats.

from nicholas k i ran over to BCBG max azria next door

went backstage to say hi to max

love erin she is the best. so i had to go interview richard chai in the next 5 minutes, but the bcbg show was running late and hadnt started. so i was contemplating with erin whether to bounce out before the show began or not to. they had taken the plastic off of the runway and dimmed the lights. erin was doing designer interviews as well this season, so she was like you gotta do what you gotta do! so i took my heels off just as the lights dimmed and ran right into all the models and max. it was actually super funny and i did get to see the collection, just not on the runway.

chai preparing

more to come.

and Nylon mag february

did the corner at pearl paint- an art store  in NYC

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