with the birds i went south

so i was opening up a box with a knife…..

well i was trying to open those plastic things that hold things together in packages, that are impossible to cut without scissors?… i just tried to find an image on google but no luck…. i remember that they were always in barbie doll packages…. that always annoyed me. remember being so excited trying to rip open this box to get to the barbie finally and that plastic thing would become your biggest obstacle in life? that thing. 15 years later still an obstacle. anyway blood bath.

shocked i texted my neighbor conrad, and he came over and immediately wrapped it and we went to the hospital.

i mean i was freaking out. ive never cut myself badly. i thought i saw the bone. i could have. no one will know for sure. as we were going to the hospital i was trying to calm myself down as well as conrad was and i was like “well thankfully its not my ring finger!” and then conrad turned to me just as i realized… it was my ring finger! and i started crying for 5 seconds. that image of the perfect tiffanys ring on the perfect wedding finger was now destroyed. got to the hospital.

the nurse started washing it out which freaked me out in a major way. i got really nauseous and kind of started hyperventilating. also quite new to me. then the nurse tried to take off my ring that i was wearing on that finger- i said dont just cut it off but she insisted on trying… and my blood squirted all over the wall-a tad TMI but whatever. thats when the tears started rolling in. but conrad chilled me out. now we were to wait in a room for a few hours. it was obvious stitches were needed.

wrapped up and ready for stitching

my sis came. i dont know how she managed to eat in a hospital waiting room.

getting tetanus shot

yeah so that was that.

the opening of kess agency

soho grand birthdays, and the xx in central park


xx @central park

and saw murder city devils in bk at an all saints event.



after went for some dinner with irina and bp

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