You’re a holy fool all colored blue

So I’ve been wanting to share things that I absolutely love that are all time classic favorites, and just discovered and completely obsessed… lets start off with….

1. SHU UEUMERA – Ultimate Remedy Extreme Restoration Collection for the Ultra-Ultimate destroyed hair… Like mine. There is no way when you do double processing, bleaching, to your hair is it in any way healthy. This is truly a lifesaver, Especially the restoration treatment mask and the duo serum. Not only that, I’ve never smelled a better shampoo/condition/ hair care in my entire life. Addicting.


2. Next would have to be the squeezable filtered Brita water bottle… unbelievable. Tastes like bottled water. I refill mine constantly all day . Saves the earth, your money, and time. I haven’t bought a bottle of water in months. I do not have one bad thing to say about this product. and super inexpensive! Highly recommend for everyone.



3. BEST HEADPHONES! Not only is their retro design gorgeous but the sound is incredible. These Master + Dynamic E40 s over the ear in tan are my favorite. They perfect for everything, including when I DJ. They also do rad collaborations, like the most recent with Prozenza Schouler. O la laaa

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 12.00.21 PM




4. Nerd Alert

So I have tendonitis which is extremely unfortunate, but not at all rare these days. I tried hand/arm splints, and all of those types of things you would assume would help fix and relieve the pain. Nothing worked really. It was getting so bad I could hardly use the computer for even an hour a day. I did a lot of research and found my saving grace. The  Anker Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse. Yes, I’m writing and reviewing a mouse. Only because this thing actually works. It’s magical. 51D0DaUC6JL._SL1000_ IMG_9031

bracelet: Bonheur Jewelry


5. Andrew Yes Pillows!

ay blue cream pillow sphere weba

I love my Andrew Yes Sphere / ball pillow. It really throws a fun dynamic into a room. This is how I use mine.IMG_9034


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